Jangsu Hongli mesh belt rigging Co., Ltd

  • Jangsu Hongli mesh belt rigging Co., Ltd
  • Jangsu Hongli mesh belt rigging Co., Ltd
Powerful manufacturers supply timely
Jiangsu Hongli is a professional production and processing company with complete and scientific quality management system, short delivery time and excellent quality
Complete specifications, good stability
Complete types, high altitude cleaning safety rope, flexible sling, flat sling, double back safety belt, wire rope sling, etc
The quality is reliable and practical
We carry out strict quality inspection process, and the wire rope spreader produced by us has the characteristics of compression resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high strength and good sealing performance
Support personalized customization
Support customization, according to the customer's application requirements, customized lifting equipment, so that you can no longer find the right product and worry
All day customer service technical support
Welcome new and old customers to inquire and choose our products. If you have any questions or use problems, you can contact us by telephone. We will serve you wholeheartedly

Jiangsu hongli rope mesh belt line has limited company's main: flexible condole belt, upper air clean the safety rope, wire rope sling, the company is a national qualification authentication enterprise production has a l...


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