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Notes on the use of wire rope chain block
Date of issue:2020-11-06
In the construction site, the chain block is very common, and is generally used for the installation and disassembly of small equipment, construction and pipeline. In the use of wire rope chain block, the following points should be paid attention to.

1. When the wire rope chain block is used, the lifting capacity shall not exceed the marked load, and the parameters marked in the factory shall be strictly followed;

2. Do not lengthen the handle of the chain block without permission. If the long handle is forced to be used, it will lead to overload of the chain block and damage the equipment;

3. Check the steel wire rope frequently. Check whether there is abrasion, kink, broken wire or broken strand. If found, stop using it immediately;

4. The wire rope of the chain block is clamped alternately by clamps, so the wire rope with steel core can not be made of hemp core. The hemp core rope is soft and has strong elasticity, which makes the clamp loose and unsafe;

5. The hoist should be carefully checked before use.

If not standardized management and preservation of wire rope chain block, the service life will become very short, not only reduce the safety factor of operation, but also increase the cost of replacement. If you want to know more about wire rope chain block or other sling, please visit Jiangsu Hongli website: www.hlsuoju.com


(  Notes on the use of wire rope chain block)