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Advantages of glass sling
Date of issue:2020-11-06
Jiangsu Hongli rope net sling Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of glass sling, introduces the advantages of glass sling as follows:

1. The glass sling is soft, portable and easy to carry. The surface is fine and smooth. It will not damage the object when lifting. It can be used in a narrow space and easy to operate and store;

2. Glass sling uses high strength fiber as raw material, adding high-tech materials and polyurethane as protective layer, which has good wear resistance and cutting resistance, and can safely lift glass;

3. Glass sling manufacturers will provide bare packaging for repeated use, which can effectively reduce the cost of glass manufacturers;

4. The stress surface of the glass sling is uniform, which can effectively improve the service life of the sling;

5. The glass sling is light in weight but high in strength;

6. Glass sling can be protected by adding protective sleeve;

7. Glass sling before delivery will be marked with a special mark to distinguish the tonnage. Even if the label is worn, the bearing capacity can be well distinguished according to the color of the sling;

8. The glass sling is safe to use. It is woven with high strength polyester industrial filament. The safety load is 5 ~ 6T and the safety factor is 6 times;

9. The glass sling is wear-resistant and cutting resistant, and the cutting resistant rubber plates are sewn on the outer surface;

10. The vulnerable parts of glass sling are treated with special treatment, which can prolong the service life.


(Advantages of glass sling)